Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Top 5 Sites for Free Ebooks

Are you in need of ebooks but has difficulty in finding sites that would provide them for free? If yes, I have just collated a simple list of the top 5 great sites for digital books where you can easily download free ebooks. You can choose from different genres like classic novels ebook, educational and even to the newest books created by living authors. 

1.    Scribd

Scribd is a very useful site for free eBooks as well as some documents and files. There are a lot of copyrighted eBooks that are readily available and being shared by this site. You can also search for some documents as well as powerpoint presentations here. All you need to do is to search and download it.

Search and download eBooks from www.scribd.com

2.    Ebookmall

You can download a lot of eBooks for free in one of their special section. They are constantly updating their site. They have a lot of eBooks available with different genre and categories for easy browsing. Just sign up once and get free eBooks forever.

Search and download eBooks from www.ebookmall.com

3.    PDFgeni

This is like a Google search engine but only for eBooks. It is actually like a search engine exclusively for pdf.  You can visit the site and search for ebooks by just typing the name of the book or its author then press the Search button. Downloading the ebook is also very simple; all you need to do is to click the special download link provided.

Search and download eBooks from www.pdfgeni.com


4.    Data-Sheet

This site is a simple PDF search engine. You may search and download a lot of PDF files, data sheets and eBooks for free. All you need to do is to look for it and click the Search button. This search engine contains a lot of eBooks that you desire. Downloading the ebook is also very simple. Just click on the download link to your chosen Ebook.

Search and download eBooks from www.data-sheet.net

5.    Ebook-search-engine

This Google like pdf search engine allows you to find several best ebooks in their list for free. The books may be found as a PDF or Doc format. There are currently about 285,000,000 free ebooks that you may download from here.

Search and download eBooks from www.ebook-search-engine.com

Extra Free Ebook Resources

1.    DailyLit- Free ebooks online through RSS feed and daily mails.
2.    Dwalin- Novel books in text format
3.    PlanetPDF- Collection of classical novels in PDF format
4.    Franklin- All in HTML and text format
5.    Project Gutenberg- ebooks given directly from its producers
6.    Wikibooks- Free library with educational textbooks
7.    Read Easily- Like an online library for adaptive reading
8.    Alive & Free- List of links from authors creating recent books
9.    Planet eBook- All about classic literature
10.  PDFbooks- Has around 4,700 public ebooks that are downloadable

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