Saturday, March 9, 2013

Ebookmall: A Place for Short Stories and Freebies

There are now lots and lots of publishing sites that offer eBook services. This is a true fact especially because short story readers opt to buy eBooks or reading them through online. However, some of these sites provide spam and low quality content eBooks which makes the readers very discourage. The good thing is that a site like Ebookmall now adds this kind of choice to their offers.

Ebookmall is site that has about 400,000+ affordable eBooks and 500+ free eBooks of any category. Usually, short story downloads would only cost roughly about $0 to $11. This site also lot of available and in the trend fiction books like Dragondrums, Hot as Hades and even Fifty Shades of Grey.

Great authors are continually rising as a star due to this site. You can browse for the books created by J. K. Rowling, Christopher Paolini, Emily Giffin and many more. Interviews with these authors are also available in this site. Ebookmall also gives chance to independent authors to publish and sell their eBooks. As this website is one of the best sites online to gain customers, readers and buyers for your eBooks.

Here are some links of their best free eBooks available:

1. The Nemesis Worm - An interesting novel that features the 22nd century’s greatest and noble detectives in Old London.

 2. Turned - An interesting eBook of vampire journal series. Where a girl named Caitlin Paine was forced to attend a very dangerous high school in New York City…

 3. Fatal Destiny -A Fatal novel by Marie Force that will keep you on reading all the series.

 4. The Princes and the Goblin - A wonderful classic fantasy short story about an 8 year old princess that is faced to marry the heir of the Goblin kingdom in order to save the human world from a war between both species.

5. The Life She Left Behind - A Santina Crown short story by Mills and Boon. A romance prequel novel about royalty, love and marriage.

Friday, March 8, 2013

7 Tips on How to Avoid Ebook Spam

An increasing number of people these days are opting to buy eBooks rather than the paper printed ones. Due to this occurrence, there are also a lot of people that use eBooks as a way to spam around the internet. It is now difficult to find eBooks that are worth buying and reading. Also, most of these spammers use free eBooks to continue the inconvenience that they are doing.

Often scenario about purchasing or downloading spammed eBook is this- You are searching some eBooks through the internet about certain topics. One example is the book titled “Pride and Prejudice”. Then, you found some of these through the internet for free or for just about $1-$5. Since the price is very irresistible, you opt to download them. After downloading, you started opening the eBook and the content is not what you are looking for. You have been tricked by a certain person into downloading the eBook not knowing that you have downloaded a very worthless one.

Since this reality is now on rage in the society, it is now up to us to stop this problem. Here are some few tips on how you can look out for spam eBooks. These tips are according to Piotr Kowalczyk.

1. Title- Take a very good look at the title of the digital book. Most spammed eBooks has a very wordy title, typed all in caps form, and it has a lot of keywords in it.

2. Author- Search if the author is writing a variety of categories or topics. An example is that when an author writes about a certain cookbook then jumps into writing about computers. Also, see if the eBook has an author and not an editor only.

3. Ebook Cover- See to it that the cover should not be poorly created. This means that the cover should not have a very generic font, pixilated and poor quality images. This might mean that the pictures are just taken through the web and very generic.

4. Price- Do not always be mesmerized by a free eBook or a very cheap one. Most spam books are priced with $0.99. Most eBooks that are not spam gives you the chance to download a free sample. This is to give you an idea about their eBook. However, beware of some free sample eBooks. They usually contain malicious links.

5. Reviews- please do read reviews from the eBooks that you are trying to download. If the eBook is very new and does not have any review at all, then it is ok. But if the eBook is already old but still does not have any reviews then, be very careful. Also try to read the reviews of other people who have downloaded that eBook. Give considerations about the negative reviews of others.

6. eBook Rank- Do not just download an eBook because it is one of the bestsellers or has a good rank. Sometimes, spam eBooks rank well on any list like Amazon Bestseller or others. See to it also that the eBook is properly categorized by the site supplying it.

7. Product Description- If the eBook is spam, its description are sometimes short, randomly chosen from the book excerpt and poorly written. The file size can also determine if it is spam. Check it if it has a small file size.

These are just some of the tips that you can use to detect a spammed book. It will always be up to your discretion whether to download and buy a certain eBook or not. Still, it is best to always be on guard and report this kind of situation as soon as possible to end the use of spammed eBooks.

Thursday, March 7, 2013

How To Download Free Ebooks For A Lifetime?

The use of an ebook is very popular nowadays. Almost all of the people in world know how to use internet and downloads ebooks either free or paid. However, it is very costly to buy digital books every now and then. Here is a guide on how to get a lifetime supply of free ebooks easily.

Visit a site offering free ebook download like EbookMall. Let us take eBookmall as an example site to download eBooks for free.

Register there for free. You may need to provide your email address and a password only.

Click “free ebooks” button and browse from any of their available digital books. There are about 500+ available eBooks that you can choose from. They do also provide promos for their new added eBooks in their gallery.

After choosing what you want to download, click the yellow button that says “Get It Now.” 

Add it to your cart then, continue clicking the “Get your free ebooks” button. Your eBook is now ready for download. Please do wait patiently for the downloading process and time since it will depend on the number of eBooks that you are downloading and their size.


 If you want to download more than 1 free eBook, just click the blue button that say “continue shopping”

Downloading an eBook is a very simple thing to do. Even children can do it easily. This is just a way of letting you show how easy our lifestyle these days with the help of the uprising technology. There are still many other sites that offers free downloading. However, please do also choose the website that follows the legal basis for free downloading.

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Top 10 Best Sites for Free Ebook Download

Technology is on uproar nowadays. Most of the people are into using digital devices because these are very handy. This is so true with the digital books or known as ebooks. Electronic books are raging in the internet industry. You can purchase one or even download them for free.
Here is another list of the top sites where you can download free ebooks easily.

Lots of eBooks are available from this site and mostly are in a pdf form. This has about 9 categories such as engineering, health and medical, programming and technology, automotive, sports and martial art, gadgets, hardware, hobbies and business ebooks all for free.

By the name itself, FreeComputerBooks gives you the opportunity to download ebooks for free from their very huge collection. They have categories like Mathematics, Computer, Programming, Lecture Notes and even tutorials. Basically, they have lots of educational eBooks readily available for download. This site has about 12 categories and 150 sub-categories.

This web portal site gives the users the ability for e-books exchange. You can also exchange for video trainings, educational materials and others for free.

This site gives you the opportunity to download free ebooks in different categories and purchase some for a very cheap price. You can easily browse for your chosen eBooks in this site. They have about thousands of digital books available and always updated.
They also have lots of specific categories that you can choose from and easy to download. Registration is required for this site.

This free ebook site enables you to download ebooks for free-no charge at all. Do not worry, this site strictly abides the law for legality downloading.

Free-Ebooks is a good source for free ebook downloads, authors and resources. There are also some free magazines that you may download. Another feature from this site is that you can submit your created and own ebook here. However, registration is required before you can use this one. Nevertheless, no worries because registration is actually free!

This is an online site that has about 4485 downloadable free ebooks with 96 available categories. The categories that you can search from this site are scientific, fiction, educational and even novels. There is also no need for any registration in downloading the free e-books.

This is a site mainly for computer programming ebooks. There are thousands of programming related category books that can be downloaded in here. Each of the ebooks have a description and some short reviews.

FreeTechBooks has a huge list of educational eBooks from computer science to engineering textbooks and as well as lecture notes. All of these are for free and abides in the legal basis. In this site, eBooks are also referred to as a text document, notes and monogram.

This site has about 21,282 plus ebooks available and are for free. You may search for ebooks here according to their author, book titles and from their recommendations. This is good for your PDA, eBook reader and iPod.

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Top 5 Sites for Free Ebooks

Are you in need of ebooks but has difficulty in finding sites that would provide them for free? If yes, I have just collated a simple list of the top 5 great sites for digital books where you can easily download free ebooks. You can choose from different genres like classic novels ebook, educational and even to the newest books created by living authors. 

1.    Scribd

Scribd is a very useful site for free eBooks as well as some documents and files. There are a lot of copyrighted eBooks that are readily available and being shared by this site. You can also search for some documents as well as powerpoint presentations here. All you need to do is to search and download it.

Search and download eBooks from

2.    Ebookmall

You can download a lot of eBooks for free in one of their special section. They are constantly updating their site. They have a lot of eBooks available with different genre and categories for easy browsing. Just sign up once and get free eBooks forever.

Search and download eBooks from

3.    PDFgeni

This is like a Google search engine but only for eBooks. It is actually like a search engine exclusively for pdf.  You can visit the site and search for ebooks by just typing the name of the book or its author then press the Search button. Downloading the ebook is also very simple; all you need to do is to click the special download link provided.

Search and download eBooks from


4.    Data-Sheet

This site is a simple PDF search engine. You may search and download a lot of PDF files, data sheets and eBooks for free. All you need to do is to look for it and click the Search button. This search engine contains a lot of eBooks that you desire. Downloading the ebook is also very simple. Just click on the download link to your chosen Ebook.

Search and download eBooks from

5.    Ebook-search-engine

This Google like pdf search engine allows you to find several best ebooks in their list for free. The books may be found as a PDF or Doc format. There are currently about 285,000,000 free ebooks that you may download from here.

Search and download eBooks from