Friday, March 8, 2013

7 Tips on How to Avoid Ebook Spam

An increasing number of people these days are opting to buy eBooks rather than the paper printed ones. Due to this occurrence, there are also a lot of people that use eBooks as a way to spam around the internet. It is now difficult to find eBooks that are worth buying and reading. Also, most of these spammers use free eBooks to continue the inconvenience that they are doing.

Often scenario about purchasing or downloading spammed eBook is this- You are searching some eBooks through the internet about certain topics. One example is the book titled “Pride and Prejudice”. Then, you found some of these through the internet for free or for just about $1-$5. Since the price is very irresistible, you opt to download them. After downloading, you started opening the eBook and the content is not what you are looking for. You have been tricked by a certain person into downloading the eBook not knowing that you have downloaded a very worthless one.

Since this reality is now on rage in the society, it is now up to us to stop this problem. Here are some few tips on how you can look out for spam eBooks. These tips are according to Piotr Kowalczyk.

1. Title- Take a very good look at the title of the digital book. Most spammed eBooks has a very wordy title, typed all in caps form, and it has a lot of keywords in it.

2. Author- Search if the author is writing a variety of categories or topics. An example is that when an author writes about a certain cookbook then jumps into writing about computers. Also, see if the eBook has an author and not an editor only.

3. Ebook Cover- See to it that the cover should not be poorly created. This means that the cover should not have a very generic font, pixilated and poor quality images. This might mean that the pictures are just taken through the web and very generic.

4. Price- Do not always be mesmerized by a free eBook or a very cheap one. Most spam books are priced with $0.99. Most eBooks that are not spam gives you the chance to download a free sample. This is to give you an idea about their eBook. However, beware of some free sample eBooks. They usually contain malicious links.

5. Reviews- please do read reviews from the eBooks that you are trying to download. If the eBook is very new and does not have any review at all, then it is ok. But if the eBook is already old but still does not have any reviews then, be very careful. Also try to read the reviews of other people who have downloaded that eBook. Give considerations about the negative reviews of others.

6. eBook Rank- Do not just download an eBook because it is one of the bestsellers or has a good rank. Sometimes, spam eBooks rank well on any list like Amazon Bestseller or others. See to it also that the eBook is properly categorized by the site supplying it.

7. Product Description- If the eBook is spam, its description are sometimes short, randomly chosen from the book excerpt and poorly written. The file size can also determine if it is spam. Check it if it has a small file size.

These are just some of the tips that you can use to detect a spammed book. It will always be up to your discretion whether to download and buy a certain eBook or not. Still, it is best to always be on guard and report this kind of situation as soon as possible to end the use of spammed eBooks.

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