Thursday, March 7, 2013

How To Download Free Ebooks For A Lifetime?

The use of an ebook is very popular nowadays. Almost all of the people in world know how to use internet and downloads ebooks either free or paid. However, it is very costly to buy digital books every now and then. Here is a guide on how to get a lifetime supply of free ebooks easily.

Visit a site offering free ebook download like EbookMall. Let us take eBookmall as an example site to download eBooks for free.

Register there for free. You may need to provide your email address and a password only.

Click “free ebooks” button and browse from any of their available digital books. There are about 500+ available eBooks that you can choose from. They do also provide promos for their new added eBooks in their gallery.

After choosing what you want to download, click the yellow button that says “Get It Now.” 

Add it to your cart then, continue clicking the “Get your free ebooks” button. Your eBook is now ready for download. Please do wait patiently for the downloading process and time since it will depend on the number of eBooks that you are downloading and their size.


 If you want to download more than 1 free eBook, just click the blue button that say “continue shopping”

Downloading an eBook is a very simple thing to do. Even children can do it easily. This is just a way of letting you show how easy our lifestyle these days with the help of the uprising technology. There are still many other sites that offers free downloading. However, please do also choose the website that follows the legal basis for free downloading.

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